Saturday, May 7, 2011

Real Virtual Expression

I recently wrote an article referencing a little theory.

My topic for the discussion is simply, what examples can you share where your mind made up a reality that seemed at the time to be valid, but later turned out to be way off with some unexpected consequences?

Here is a bit of the theory, I am refining and developing it more over time.


Virtual Reality

Even stating those two words is an oxymoron that for me conjures up a feeling of confusion. At the most basic definition these two words should not exist as a combined concept, due to the fact that the definition of each term is conflicting if not fully negating.

Virtual : The term has been defined in philosophy as "that which is not real" but may display the salient qualities of the real. (

Reality : The state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or may be thought to be. ( )

Or simply stated that which is not real is real.

How is it that we can create a virtual space that becomes real space, when everything generated inside a computer is the result of the processing a string of binary digits?

altThe answer to the dilemma is found in the basic fundamental makeup of humanity. We make stuff up! Our brains make stuff up because the brain is simply an  electro-biological processing organ that creates a virtual reality, that can and does give form to all the things we sense and experience. I have studied human thought, human development, and have participated in a many decades of programs and processes to attain enlightenment through a smörgåsbord of books, tapes, programs, trainings, classes, and considerable contemplation. After 00111011 years of life, I have come to one basic conclusion. Humanity is full of SHIT, but not the type that may have just come to your mind (I hope you are not offended).

I define the term SHIT as “Supposed Human Intellectual Truth”. Or if preferred, the perceptions formed in our brains as individuals about our life and ourselves based on our genes, our environment and our experiences.

Basically, the biggest problem with humans individually, and humanity as a species, is that we tend to believe that the SHIT we make up is real, when it is only a representation of what we “think” is real based on some very limited human senses.

The fundamental concept of harmonious humanity is that our positive or negative interactions in life has to do with how well my SHIT matches your SHIT. The ongoing saga of the ME is a process where mental pathways are constantly being created from our experiences, combined with our current SHIT which then becomes our new SHIT.alt The other aspect of this process is that YOU see ME based on your SHIT. Add the fact there are always at least three of ME whenever I meet YOU! The ME I am, the ME I think I am, and the ME YOU think I am and vice versa! At 6! things get complicated in a hurry. Basically, given this theory, the mind uses its fantastic ability to create on demand and everything goes fine once your conscious mind has created your fresh serving of SHIT.

I also believe that most humans are unable to support their own SHIT, sometimes just ask yourself why you believe some of your SHIT, and you may well find you are not sure, but that topic is far too broad for this article space, so I will conclude this serving for now.

Here is my sincere hope that life throws you some good SHIT.


Any comments are welcome however if you would like to share some of your experiences, my offereing of a comment thread for the discussion is simply, what examples can you share where your mind made up a reality that seemed, at the time, to be valid, but later turned out to be erroneous SHIT?